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After having spent sleepless nights perfecting your website, you’d think you’ve reached the final stage of it all. But you haven’t. Not even close. The real work (aka internet marketing) begins now which will bring the visitors to your website.

1. Visibility with Search Engine

To index your website is the first thing you’ll do. If you’ve chosen to make your website on WordPress, this happens automatically during the installation.

2. Google Analytics Integration

Google analytics is a tracking and marketing tool from Google. It is like a monitor that tracks and records the movements made by the visitors on your website. Gives one a detailed information about the site’s content, viewed pages, conversion rate, number of visits a day and (but not limited to) in depth user profiles so you know your audience better.

3. Back up Plugin - A must

Your website is an investment – you invested your time and money. In a world where the server crashes every other second, there should be something that backups your work. Get yourself a backup plugin that will restore your website in case things go south.

4. Security of the website

Protecting your website from malware, viruses, hacker attacks with a firewall is important. Our recommendation is Sucuri for all your WordPress sites. It detects malware, cleans and monitors your website for potential malware hazards.

5. Google Search Console

Like Search Engine Optimization (and Search Engine marketing) is important before launching your website, Google Search Console is vital after launching your website. Google Search Console optimizes the SEO of your website. GSCC tells you a great deal about internal link structure, external links that point to your site and your popular keywords.

6. Change Permalink structure

Make sure your WordPress link structure matches the page. This way, it’s easier for Search engines to redirect the visitors to your page of their findings. Also, your page ranking increases dramatically with the right permalink that matches your page content.

7. Turn on Alert for Google Mentions

Make sure every Google Mention is promptly and accurately responded to. This will help you with your SE reviews and in return SE will display your website at a better ranking. PSA: Try and have people talk about your website – or better yet, get in touch with us to get ppc management needs. PPC marketing is a way SE knows the authenticity of your website and will promote it!

8. Spread the word on Social Media

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter aka Social Media Marketing (look into it or wait for our next blog!) boast millions of users every year. If you want to get the maximum number of visitors on social media, share your website to get an advantage of that audience. Tell your audience what you are offering and how it is different from your competitors.

9. Enable Caching

Speedy website is one way to keep your visitors browsing for a longer while. Would you want to wait for a website that takes time to load? No! The solution is to install a caching plugin which reduces overall loading time. Our recommendation is W3 Total Cache!

10. Change your Logins

The easiest way to hack/ break into your website is to guess your password. As bizarre as that may sound, it really is a possibility. Change your logins as soon you are ready to go live and make sure not to disclose your passwords to anyone.

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