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Launching your website is a major milestone and it represents your brand to the audience thus, your website should provide the best experience to its users. To make things a little better, we came up with this handy checklist so you create a website that expresses who you are and makes your business a huge success.

1. Implementation of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

In layman’s terms, SEO is the process by which businesses increase their visibility and reach of their website through the medium of search engines. When the right keywords are included in your website, Search engines recommend your content to it’s users. Work with our in house SEO expert to reach your targeted audience and potential clients. You can also choose to hire a SEO company/ local SEO services that will help you with the same.

2. Website Consistency

It is vital to make sure that the website should feel and look like it belongs to a brand. The colours, fonts and logos must be kept global across every page on the website. Moreover, it is advantageous to have a colour theme for your Social Media platforms (like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.) that matches the website.

3. Connect Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free analytical tool that provides you details on how your audience is engaging with the website content, how much time is spent on a page, learn more about your audience demographically and the website performance overall.

PSA: While you are at it, you’ll also want to install Google Search Console which will inform you about the performance of your website, give you an intimation if a link is broken and search engine results – all for free!

4. Optimise for mobile

According to the Statista report, web traffic associated with mobile phones was as high as 50% in 2019. So, you have to be sure that your website is viewable and as easy to find as on a desktop. Your website not compatible on a mobile phone is hardly a reason to lose a visitor, right?

5. Re-check your URLs

Very often than not, we tend to forget to change and check the URL when the website is moved out of the staging area to production. Make sure your page URLs are in-sync with the live version of your website before your start promoting it.

6. Be ready for 404 errors

404 errors are not very common with a newly launched website. There always is a possibility that the visitor mistypes and lands on a “Page not found”. To not lose the visitor, make a custom 404 error page. PSA: Always advisable to set up email alerts.

7. Include a sign-me-up email form

Email marketing has proved to play a major role in building and keeping the ongoing relations after someone has browsed on your website. Hence, make sure your website features a sign-me-up form to collect email addresses from visitors – Mailchimp is our recommendation! You can communicate with your visitors through the mail by sending them updates on your business.

8. Social Media Marketing Integration

Everyone has a mobile phone and everyone uses social media platforms so much that it’s a shocker if someone you know isn’t on Facebook. If you are taking advantage of social media marketing, you need to start now, if not, you will lose in the long run.

9. Test everything

Before you are ready for your site to meet the world, test your website, all aspects of it:

  • Thoroughly browse your website from all the search engines – may it be Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari,, etc.
  • Speed testing – Since loading time plays a factor in Google searches, large images and lots of plugins can negatively impact website performance.
  • Take time and check all internal and external hyperlinks
  • Try singing up in the sign-me-up form and check if it works
  • Let someone other than yourself do the proofreading – helps  identify grammatical errors.  

10. Confirm your SSL

Say you don’t get a SSL certificate. Will the visitors not find you? Oh, they will. But you run the risk of being labelled “Not Secure”, you can bet on it that they won’t enter.
You can always get in touch with us for your Digital Marketing/ internet marketing needs. As for our next blog which will give you insight on what to do post-launching your website? Stay tuned!

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