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SEO – Search Engine Optimisation is a very well-known name due to its evolvement in recent time. Every year there are new concepts and enhanced versions of different techniques to be followed by SEO optimisers. This all depends on how google algorithm works however, still SEO is perceived as a never-ending topic to gain maximum traffic and to increase the SERP visibility.

What do user’s think when it comes to SEO? How useful the information presented on your website it to the users. Content optimisation will increase the conversion rates and boost the search engine traffic. According to the survey 85% of the marketers consider increasing overall conversion of their website optimisation. For any website the page speed is important. Users will not like to wait for a webpage to load. Website loading time is the first impression to the users and potential customers.

At Go Click On we measure the site time load and compare the time against the competitor’s site. We check various ranking factors to influence the overall performance of the website that appear higher on the SERP based on the content optimisation. Publishing high quality and relevant content plays the major role in getting the rankings affected. As it is said that “Content is King” the quality of website content is important. According to the google algorithm the content should provide a valuable information.

Knowing user’s search analysis is also essential part of creating a web page that can drive the traffic (Organic traffic) to the website. For this Google Analytics tool helps to understand who targeted searchers are and their requirements.

Keyword Research is also one of the important factors for rankings. Well, Keyword research is a roadmap that supports quality content creation. Through the competitor’s analysis research, it becomes very easy to get the average search volume of the audiences.

We believe in holistic approach in delivering the best results for our clients. Our services comprise of all different packages for website design, development and digital marketing. We have an expert SEO team that will help to get the results you are looking for on your website rankings.

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