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goclickon April 4, 2023

Online commerce completely took over the buying and selling operations in 2023. It is not for less than the best owners looking to optimize profitability and further improve sales by 2024, especially for those directed companies. Also, a B2B online store is the best alternative for companies.

70 % of sellers stated that at least half of their sales are online. You need to boost your reach and productivity online if this encompasses all stores.

Therefore, we will explore 3 options to trigger all your sales indicators that can stay up throughout the year we are entering.

How to maintain high sales in your online store?

1. Use the best Payment Gateway

A good payment gateway supports your B2B online store’s online operations, so you must have one of the highest quality. Therefore, it must meet a minimum of requirements to be truly optimal, such as:

Ease of use: and provide customers with a simple and seamless checkout process. This improves the overall experience and increases the conversion rate.

Be safe: by protecting your customers’ payment data. This can help build trust in your online store and reduce the risk of fraud.

Integrate quickly and easily: It should allow integration with other platforms, such as inventory management and customer communication systems. This can make the sales process more efficient and simple.

Multiple payment options: You must allow your customers to choose between different payment options, such as credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, Stripe, 2Checkout, Adyen, Afterpay, APMs by PayPal,, BlueSnap Payments and more. This can increase the conversion rate by making the checkout process easier and faster.

A good payment gateway must improve the user experience, offer security, allow integration with other platforms and offer multiple payment options.

If a customer is satisfied with this process of your B2B online store, they will bookmark you for their next purchases.

2. Improve the customer experience in your B2B online store

How to generate more recurring sales: The customer is the store’s beginning and end. All the tips proposed in this article point to your satisfaction so that it translates into more sales, of course, but a single section is necessary to explain the importance of always having the customer at the centre. A customer satisfied with his experience translates into:

Always come back to buy: with a good experience in the store, they are more likely to buy again in the future.

Improve brand reputation: and increase user confidence in the store

Helps to attract new customers: they can recommend the store to their friends and colleagues, which can translate into an endless chain of conversions

Avoid returns and customer service complaints: they are less likely to have problems or need to issue returns, which reduces the workload on the customer service department and can help you save costs in the long run

There are several ways to improve the user experience in a B2B online store, such as:

  • Offer a user-friendly user interface.
  • Provide clear and detailed information about the products
  • Promote a simple and fast purchasing process
  • Maintain good customer service

Optimize the experience during the purchase, and you will increase customer engagement in the long term. If we think of recurring sales, we must go further than the specific purchase.

3. Establish distribution and collaboration agreements

Establish distribution and collaboration agreements B2B online store works by itself, and we are not just talking about the employees who monitor and manage internal processes.

Weaving networks is of vital importance to position yourself correctly within your niche and to be able to sustain all operations in the long term.

You can also:

Expand store reach – helping the store reach new customers and increase its geographic reach.

Have an additional source of income: through selling products or services of other companies in your online channels.

Gain more recognition within the niche: By working with other reputable companies, your store can improve its reputation and increase customer confidence in the quality of your products and services.

Access new technologies and knowledge: leaving the scheme of programs and tools of your day-to-day. A large part of a growth marketing strategy is selecting the right platforms and tools, so it’s important to know what your peers are doing and take advantage of it.

Increase the store’s efficiency in the distribution and shipment of products, thus reducing operating costs. Having extra support in the dispatch of products is something that your customers will always appreciate.

It is important to note that establishing distribution and collaboration agreements requires careful effort and planning to ensure they are beneficial and maximize their potential.

It is about knowing the quality of the collaboration link with whom and establishing win-win parameters.

Better experience, more reach, more sales

If you considered shooting your sales indicators for 2023, you already have an optimal start plan.

Don’t forget to:

Choose a flexible, secure payment gateway for your customers and easy to use

Optimize the overall experience during the checkout process
Collaborate with other companies in any of the sales phases of your store

The percentage of online transactions of a B2B online store will increase more and more, and your competition will be fiercer.

However, the vast majority only spend their time and energy on marketing and promotions. You, who already know the secret, the origin and the end of this business, will be able to make all the difference.

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