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Go Click On has the skills and experience to provide effective and efficient IT support service making us results-driven company across Australia.
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Computer Repair Solution
Repair and service to computers/laptops/notebooks Office repair services or troubleshoot any hardware issues for computers, laptop and printers Upgrade computer parts or purchase like RAM, Hard drive, monitor, keyboard, and mouse.
Apart from your regular experiencing computer issues, we are in a position to offer your need which is called “Service Level Agreement”. This specialist agreement based to solve your existing computer problems or when you buy a computer from us and make the arrangements.

Comprehensive Agreement
It includes computer troubleshooting, repair and replacement of the faulty parts. There are no charges separately for the labour or the parts replaced. The problem caused by electric failure/surge is not covered here.

Non-Comprehensive Agreement
It includes only computer troubleshooting but does not includes repair or replacement of parts. The owner has to pay the actual price for the parts replaced.

Onsite SLA

Our technician visits your premise to fix the issue onsite in case the issue requires further attention it will need to be fixed at our lab.

Carry-In SLA

You need to bring-in your faulty computer/laptop/printer to our lab in order to fix it.

We believe we have the skills and experience to provide
effective and efficient IT support service making us results driven company across  Australia.


A group of computers can share the resources communicate with each other and data transfer in the small geographical area

Server Setup

If the computers are into one network we can split one internet connection and give internet connectivity to all the staff members

Share Printers

Instead of spending money on a couple of printers, we can share the printer so that everyone can share and print.

File Sharing

It could be done in a workgroup or setting up a file server which provides one central location for your organisation important data


A VPN is created by establishing a virtual point-to-point connection through the use of dedicated connections protocols.

Data Back Up /Recovery

All your important business files can be backed up from any computer at one location in case if you have any systems breakdown


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